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Resources for Furloughed Employees

With the government shutdown entering its 28th day, many federal employees across the nation have been out of a paycheck for nearly one month. As a nation, we all hope for a timely resolution. I'm sure each one of us knows someone personally affected. Here at The Temp Connection, our heart goes out to those affected; we are aware of the many Tucsonans struggling to pay bills and put food on their family’s table. Our team would love to assist in any way possible. We encourage furloughed workers to visit our website and submit an application. Our team will work diligently to place as many candidates as possible in our open temporary positions. Please pass along resources to colleagues that may be struggling. I encourage all to reply to this forum with other known, local resources! Or, please share how we can come together and help your company's mission in assisting these workers. Additionally, there is a Facebook group "Tucson Helps Out" that is accumulating a list of local businesses that are offering help to furloughed workers. It's worth checking out. Thanks for your time spent reading this. Happy networking! I hope to meet more of you at the next mixer.

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